Monday, May 21, 2012

Healthy, skinny body 1

At 35 I had a birthday party and one of my best friends, L, made a super funny speach about me.
The little bitch (no offence) had collected my most famous quotes over the years for this.
It was so funny! I was really struck by all the smart things that apparently came out of my mouth!
One of the first quotes she ever heard me say was:
"I'm the best at being skinny" (Jag är bäst på att vara smal).
(and still she choose to become my friend! <3)

I remember using that a lot as a teen...

This will realate to this weeks focus:
 Healthy, skinny body.


  1. The first picture of you is sooo beautiful, i love your smile :) And your hair ist great, a totaly Marilyn Monroe ;)

  2. so beautiful! a really different site of yourself (;
    i like it so much (:

  3. Your face look like Anne hathaway and your hair just like marilyn's. you are GORGEOUS!