Monday, May 21, 2012

Healthy, skinny body 2: My body

This might come off as bragging - but is far from.
It is more of an insight on how ridiculous one can be.
I'm 39! Took me some years to appreciate current status on my body and say -Hey - it's totally okay!

And to think I spent my teens thinking it looked horrendous!
The hip bone poking out, my ribs showing, my flat butt and my crooked legs as well as my height made me feel like an alien.
Today I would have been so happy to have that body. Stupid teen me!

Being naturally skinny is never beautiful according to society and people LOVE to make you feel bad because you have that body type. And the fact I don't work out and also eat (what I consider) "right" (Montignac Method) is even more tantalizing apparently.

I once read a funny comic:
2 fat ladies were sitting by the pool as a skinny bitch was climbing out of it.
Fat lady 1:-Being that skinny is SO ugly!
Fat lady 2: Yeah, I agree. I wish I was that ugly...

I think that summens it up ;)

I like to be positive so I've decided to think like this:
"I will love the body I have right now, because in a year it will look worse!" and that, my friends, is a true quote by Adora BatBrat!

So, take a good look in the mirror tonight and tell your body it's the most beautiful you have ever seen! <3

If you won't mind me saying:
Whoa! Your body looks great!


  1. I'm also naturally skinny, and have never been working out. But lately I have realized that even though I look good on the outside doesn't mean I'm healthy on the inside because I move my muscles too little, so I have started working out now anyway :)

  2. I keep trying to tell myself I'm a 'healthy-little-bit-thick', hahaha.

    Maybe it's an American thing (can't be?), but being skinny is idolized here.

    When I was a teen I'd eat so little to stay on the skinnier side of average, never felt good enough. Now I'm trying to embrace not being skinny because it's so hard for me to be... but I don't know, I want to lose some weight.

  3. I agree completely with you Adora!!

    I've always been super skinny, delicate and small... what really annoys me is that people think I'm anorexic which I'm not and have never been! It's just the way I am! I never do too much of excercises nor eat super healthy, my metabolism is just fast. I like the way I am and look. The only kind of negative thing I can say about it is clothes. Most of the clothes even size of 34(EU) are too big so I'll always have to do a little fixing to make them look fit on me... But other than that I'm completely happy the way I amno matter what people say about it.

  4. The young girls that are not naturally skinny have to realize that eating healthy and work out for beeing that thin is much more attractive (even to men) than just don't eat or beeing anorectic.
    So I like your way of beeing healthy skinny. You look fabulous!!!

    Kisses from Germany
    (See U at Mera Luna 2012 with my big eight-month-baby-belly =*)

  5. No one seems happy with their bodies. I have a friend that is very skinny and she is still not happy.
    Too much stress on what you look like gives you less time to live your life.

  6. I think that most people want to be skinny, because it's the ideal of our time, and so everyone just kind of think that if you're skinny, you're happy. But in our time commercials and fashion and so on one minute show you superskinny models. And the next they critisise actors of being too skinny, or anorexic or whatever. It's like, whatever body type you are, you're not supposed to be proud of it. I've always been a large girl, and I've always let myself to be held back by my weight, but now I've finally realized that I can wear whatever I like, and be proud of my body, and that I'm beautiful.

  7. It would be fair for you to drop that "healthy" part since you don't exercise.

    1. Good point! But I do situps (but only because I need too since I have back pain if not).

  8. I would LOVE to be naturally skinny. OK, I am not fat, but I am... heavily-built. Just like an cold-blood horse. Now, when I have lost some weight I look OK, but I will never be small and fragile, and I regret it so much, because it seems so... feminine to me.
    I wish I was generally smaller.

    BUT, on the other hand, just take a look around - everyone is complaining about the body, no matter how it actually looks ;]

  9. Being anything at all is never beautiful according to society, so it's always good to see someone sticking their middle finger up to society and being how they want to be.
    Women come in all shapes and sizes, and we should celebrate that not try and force each other to be something else.

    I'm glad you love your body :)

  10. I hope you dont take this as an offence Adora Batbrat, I just have to prove a point here: << this aint so healthy looking skinnyness in my opinion....your hands and breastbone shouldnt really look like that if youre healthy. *shrugs* But who knows, maybe you just cant help it. I think its great that youre against ProAna/Thinspiration shit and tell women all around the world to eat healthy.

    Susanne M.

  11. @Saliereia
    Women think that beeing super skinny is feminine and beautyfull but alot Men think that a feminine woman has to have at least some hips and curves and should not look like a thin 10year old boy.

  12. Another natural skinny girl here! I've been ashamed of my body a lot of years just because people could be very nasty, but I think that your point of view is awesome :)

  13. I love your blog and really look up to you Adora!

    Anyway, I've been naturally pretty skinny most of my life, but now at 24 I've finally started to gain some weight, mostly around my hips (I have hips and an ass now! OMG). My problem has been random people coming up to me and thinking that it's ok to point out that I'm gaining weight. I'm kind of self-conscious about my body changing, and I can only imagine what these people would say if the situation were reversed, but since I've always been built like a pole it seems to be ok for them. It's weird....

    1. I know what you mean...been going through that myself.

  14. I'm the complete opposite, I'm a big girl. I'm also American, and fat people are looked down upon just as much as super skinny people like yourself, and everyone in between STILL gets made fun of unless they're a celebrity, but even famous people are made fun of. There's a very small percentage of people who genuinely love their body, and an even smaller percentage of people who don't judge other people's bodies. I'm trying to be both, I'm learning to love my body no matter what I look like and I'm working hard at no longer judging someone by their own weight. Magazines have been teaching us it's okay to look at someone and think they're ugly or too fat/skinny/whatever. That's not right, we all need to stop that and see the beauty in each other. You, my dear Adora, are beautiful. :)

  15. I´m a skinny bitch too. I always was! Therés always people saying "oooh you´re sooo skinny" - with that repressive voice - but I love the way I look!
    Adora, I recommend you do some work out! You will not gain muscles if you do the exercises with low weights and slow movements. It is the rapid moviments and big weights that makes the body turn athletic. If you do the exercises in that way I said, you will keep the body firm but not beefy. And also I recommend you to walk fast or run slow, it´s good for the heart and lungs!!
    Your body is perfect!

  16. Never thought a perfect girl like Adora could have faced those bad words about being skinny O_o I was sure it's a Ukranian trend only. I have the same story - tall and skinny, even though I love eating, my only workouts are dance classes and nothing harder. Here in Ukraine people instantly label you as ill if you're skinny, and men... men are extremely rude with those without bursting boobs((

    Still I think being skinny is better, at least because the ass doesn't fall out of trousers with low waistlines. XD

    I like naturally plus-sized girls too, but they're not the same as those who simply don't care about their bodies, these are 2 different types of people. :)

  17. It's nice that you are pleased with your body, as am I! I'm not skinny, but normal-sized and just happy with the way I am :)

  18. Hey Adora.
    I love that you are satisfied with your body, and i know that people can be really skinny eventhough they eat enough or even a lot, there's just some people who has a fast metabolism and some don't, and those who don't are often healthy overweights.
    I have the hourglass body, and is very small in heights, and i've just begun to love my body, because i've all my life been bullied for my wide hips, but i can't help it because that is just the way my bone structure is, but i hated my hips for many many years, i actually wanted your kind of body, but now i've realised that i have to accept it, and be satisfied with what i've got as long as i'm healthy, which i am.

  19. I want to thank you Adora for this post.

    I don't think that being skinny is something from our time. Actually, my mum told me that in the 70's if you had even some sort of lovehandles, you'd have been considered as fat. My mum was skinnier than I am and she was bullied of being fat.

    Nowadays, if a girl is petite but normal weight, they are often considered as SKINNY and ANOREXIC! I, for example, am 168cm tall and I weigh around 55kg. Yes, I could weigh more but I'm in normal weight. Even my doctor said that this is probably the ideal weight for me since I eat normally. Still girls and women keep telling women like me are too skinny. I mean... WHAT THE HELL?

  20. Love your blog. You are so inspiring as a mom and woman!

  21. Thanks for the body love. You've got a kind heart. :o)

  22. Hi Adora, and thanks for this post. I used to be very skinny (173 cm and 52 kg), but nowadays I'm 30 kg heavier (82 kg) because of my medication. I take 3 different pills daily, which all cause weight gain. But the plus side is that I'm heavily built for a girl: broad shoulders, large ribcage, long arms and legs, so I don't look fat, just naturally strong. Weird, huh?