Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bleached and pinkified

Nooo! What's this brown shit at my scalp?
It needs to be killed with peroxides!

I found a bottle and started to kill the brown stuff with a brush.
For a moment I thought I was gonna loose the struggle, but my persistence payed off and eventually the brown gave up. It wasn't a pretty sight at first, mostly carrot and yellow, but I decided not to give up and at last the white won!

Once again another hair saved by the friendly chemicals we call bleach was rescued from a life of shame and ridicule.

I rewarded my winning with a large amount of conditioner with some Directions Flamingo pink mixed with a dash of violet added to my hair.
Thank you, it said.


  1. Haha, what a great way of seeing the procedure of hairdyeing :D

    I am sick of ppl saying "oh no, dont dye your hair, its not good, blahblah...."

  2. hmmm i dyed my hair brown recently..... does it mean that i have shit on my head too? u think that brown hair looks shitly? :( Oh adora you made me a little bit upset. lol.

  3. *Påminner om inlägger om självförtroende/självkänsla* Trevlig helg Adora! <3