Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How we celebrate Swedish Midsummer

Christmas and Midsummer are the biggest holiday celebrations in Sweden.
This German commercial by IKEA was banned because it was supposedly offencive? No Swedes I've ever talked to think so -this IS how it's done! I can totally relate to it - I've been to Midsummer fests like this!

This Midsummer we watched it again, and the only things we didn't agree on in the commercial is the fighting and the tossing of the food. We should never do that - waste food like that?! 
Everything else just made us nod our heads and send around the bottle marked with an X one more time ;)
Why should we feel offended by the truth? Truth is - we are not. Stupid person who banned this.
See how happy we are celebrating!


  1. Didn't know it was banned, always loved the commercial! Just as much as I love the photos my swedish friends post on facebook - hopefully I can celebrate it with them one day.

  2. personally i see the way u celebrate like a party where everyone is drunk but its fun :)

  3. Oh I considered to post it on my blog, but I chosed an english ( a very english) version.

  4. haha ser ut som du hade en rolig midsommar.

    måste bara säga jag har läst din blogg länge och tycker du är så cool! ^^

  5. Seems like Midsommar in Sweden is like Oktoberfest or Schützenfest in Germany. At least in that commercial XD