Friday, July 13, 2012

Modelling: Goth make up from Photo shoot

I had a photo shoot Wednesday.
As I arrived to Kalmar, where the shooting should take place, I ended up on one parkinglot and the photographer on another. I turned my car around to go where she was, and when I arrived there I got a text she was on her way to my recent parkinglot...
This was a dance noone could win. 
In an attempt to merge finally I told the photographer to stay put and I would go where she was so we finally could meet. Little did I know it would be 1 hour and 15 minutes until we met...

 I arrived at the right place, outside the right store we agreed on and either I had gone completely blind or she was transparent.
I called her on the phone: "-I'm outside the store now, where are you?"
She said she was right outside the store.
Did I step on her? Was she the same color as the doors? Was she joking with me, playing hide and seek without telling me there was a game going on? Parallel universe?
Finally my master mind did an Agatha Christie on me and said:
"-Are we in the same town?"
And there it was, simple as that. No, we weren't.... Photographer then drove from Karlskrona (my current home town) to Kalmar and the shooting could begin.

Can't wait to see the pics, she was so great!
Here she is: Sophia


  1. I want to do my makeup like that! That would be so cool. :D

  2. Love your makeup! Looks like you have little breasts on your forehead ;) !

  3. It´s just... perfect ♥♥

  4. you're a cyborg, but that's ok :)