Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surveillance on Adora BatBrat

I often have a feeling that I'm on the Truman show, but Adora BatBrat show instead. Well, not just a feeling - it's the true.
There actually is a syndrome named after that movie.
But I, of course, are being under surveillance secretive for real. They keep me in oblivion, but sometimes they slip and I'm closing in on them.
Today I found the camera following me on IKEA.
Two seconds after I took this picture two "electric workers" picked it down and mumbled it was something wrong with the wires.
Yeah, right!


  1. heey adora, you look amazing! i was wondering if you could tell something about your daily skin care routine, and can we see a picture of you when you were in your teens? I also wonder how often you eat something non montignac, i know you eat 80% montignac but what moments do you treat yourself something yummy? and you were makeup every single day and have no wrinkles? i wanna know your secret products:)

    sorry for my bad English.