Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adora BatBrat bargains

I'm known to drive my husband mad by buying stuff.
Useless stuff, as he put it ;(
But one thing he can't be mad about is the cost of all these findings.
I'm a REALLY cheap goth bitch!

Like today for instance; I went to the Red Cross second hand and bought 6 coffee cups with matching plates for 1 SEK each set! That's only $0.15! And the rest of the plates was also 1 SEK each.

The lovely bird trays was only 2 SEK each ($0.30), but they are not for me, I bought them for my friend L <3 p="p">They will go perfectly with her 50's green livingroom!
Oh, and the show piece, the UCG teapot, costed me a small fortune!
25 SEK ($3.77). How I love a good bargain!


  1. There's nothing wrong with being a cheap goth! It's the best and not something to be ashamed off. It's good to be money savvy. ^,.,^

  2. Better than being a broke Goth ;P

  3. Åh jag bara älskar loppis. Inget kan tillfredställa en så som riktigt bra kap :). Jag har möbler hemma som vissa köper för tusentals kronor som jag bara har kostat mig några selmor :) Kopparna är jättefina och super billiga. Kvaliteten gör ju det lite mer UCG ;)