Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Todays look: Parental meeting

Today was parental meeting.
Of course I toned down the Goth me and went as a more respectable.... hahaha,  did you really think that?!
I went as the usual goth me of course.

I often get the question about how I'm treated by the other parents looking the way I do?

And the answer is: I feel like I'm treated like any parent, not different in any way. I never feel like I'm looked down on or someone frowning at the way I've decided to present myself. I find people in general are very respectful and don't mind my looks.

Or it's just that the people who's got something bad to say just don't live that long?
Not that I would have something to do about it, but I could imagine someone with sharp teeth would take the chance to delete a few uncomfortable people from my area.

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  1. Jag älskar att du inte kompromissar gällande din stil.

  2. Your legs are so long and lovely! :) jealous!!

  3. I appreciate hearing/reading this. I don't look very out of the ordinary, but if I wanted to I believe most adults wouldn't care either way! My hair color and make-up don't make me a good or bad parent or person.