Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Monday Goth

Still lazy and haven't colored my roots I had to put on a wig today.
I almost didn't recognized myself!

Perhaps this is the evil me?
Nah, I'm the evil me ;)

Heh, went a bit overboard with the pictures today... same, same and no different - but I thought it was so funny looking like this so you just have to cope with my narcissism.


  1. Adora you are really STUNNING with black hair! Omg you look so gorgeous in the photos above I almost couldn't stop staring at them *____*
    In my opinion you should seriously consider black as your next dye color!
    Hugs <3

  2. OMG, you look SO CUTE with black hair ... I love it, I think if you ever coloured your actual hair black, I would die of happiness. ♥ ((Well, I'd die again, since I'm already undead, teehehehe~))

  3. awesome! you looke beautiful!

  4. DAMN, you look like you're 20! or even younger! wow. just.. WOW. you look really lovely with that hair. you look so ADORA-ble! ♥

  5. black suits you too, but I prefer the pastel coloured Adora more. ps. my daughter, 5yrs, looked those photos too and said "mum, wow, that girl is a vampire". ^.^

  6. You are so look so much younger, and I love this look on you as well :)

  7. You really look younger with black hair, like 17 or something:P amazing!

  8. Awwwww ur so beautiful! Love the black hair :))