Monday, March 4, 2013

Yohio and Adora BatBrat kissed...

Okay, I'm not the kind of girl who kiss and tell...I kind of more bite and kill.

Or bite and tell....or...kiss and kill? I'm not sure anymore ;)

But one thing is sure; the Yohio on my pictures have snuggled and kissed me A LOT! He is the best!
And he is all mine <3 p="">
Adora BatBrat kissed Yohio /TeeBee ;)

TeeBee/ Yohio snuggles Adora BatBrat every day and says she is SO pretty 
The original Yohio. 17 years old artist from Sweden. I like him - like a son...


  1. Love that your children are so into the life style.

  2. well, I checked him... And I like your TeeBee better :D

  3. This is unbelievably cute! Is it for a contest, if so, he would win, definitely! :D <3

  4. omg! he look so cute! be my mom too, adora hahahaha