Friday, January 10, 2014

I: have an alter ego

This might sound weird, but Adora BatBrat's got an alter ego: the sneaky and afraid Adora Albino.

Adora ALBINO style

She's got silver hair, white brows and accentuated pink underneath the eyes and on cheeks.
She often wears ruby red rhinestones at the inner eye.

Her outfits are a bit more UCG than Adora BatBrat usually wears, more strict in a way. She also like graphic patterns in black and white, she kind of always wears black with white.
Far too much white Adora would say! Adora also finds her a bit nerdy. And is bit jealous of her looks too....but she'll never admit to it. Not even water torture could make her admit that!

Adora Albino is in constant fear of disappearing since she'll be killed if Adora colors the silvery hair to pink again. What a terror!

She'll probably come visit every once in a while :)


  1. Both Adoras are adorable!

  2. I like your outfit with that sunglasses. The bow is a noble contrast to your pants, very cool :)