Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I: used to look like Cicciolina

From when I was 18, to about 28, I had periods where I liked to look like Cicciolina.

Back then (apart from the porn-movie part) she was mostly famous for popping out her boobs every now and then, being in the Italian parlament and to me for being so incredible pretty as sweet on the inside (and we established that I, the cold hearted Goth, cares nothing about the inside usually).

I think I had kind of a girl-crush on her. To me she was the prettiest girl ever - and I was SO happy to discover I could pull her looks off.
To this day I still finds her VERY attractive, even at her current age (62).

I kind of wished people would pop out their boobs more often.

The 28 year me as my muse Cicciolina.
The amazing original: Cicciolina. That face!!!!
She always had such a wide smile - I have so tried to copy that!
She is art, and her style was/is totally her own. I think many young girls today are inspired by her hair-thingies without even knowing ;)
But I know!

Thank you, pretty Cicciolina for all the inspiration *big, red smile*


  1. I think that most young girls don't even know u she is, but they'll have a surprise once they know. :)
    U are so adorable without your regular makeup.

    A Strangeness in me Blog.

  2. Holy moly, I always thought Fairlight looked like your husband until I saw these photo. You're clones!

  3. Chiccolina was the ultimate Hungarian slut in the Italian parliament. Because in her young ages she was really a prostitute (and in this case she was spying for the communist party in expensive hotles for her exclusive clients). Now it's easy to see how the porn and the Italian parliament came into her life. :D

  4. you're really beautiful Adora ^^

  5. I'm italian and I remeber very well when she was in the Parlament :-D I loved her <3 so amazing!