Monday, January 6, 2014

I: Shop at Christmas sales

I went out with an open mind and went home with a skinny wallet. 
For this years sales I had nothing speciaI I was on kill mode to get, I was just planning to stroll and perhaps find me something small...
Boy, did I strike out!
If one sees a mesh linen with the word RELAX written on it; as a "synthare" you must have it! Frankie goes to Hollywood was part of our upbringing in the 80's, and if Frankie says RELAX, one relaxes! 
Shopping always makes me smile, but bargains on sale makes me smile even bigger!
Everyone needs a par of panties with a see-through heart on the ass, right?
This fluffy dress is so sweet.

This dress is a bit ordinary, but I think it's ok.
The winner of my shopping must have been this skirt and the black sequin top because they made it to the New Years party.
What an honour!
A matching dot bra and panties on sale.
The furry bolero is not my usual wear - but it was so soft and it had heart blings on it!
This is both for me and the kids. It's so soft you can't even feel you are actually touching something!
The shorts were so ugly they were cool. Cajsa laughed her boobs off almost! Bought them anyway! And sequin panties - well, what can I say? I simply like pussy bling!


  1. I adore that shirt, and the undergarments... and ooo sequence underwear, I'm jealous. You have the best fashion taste :)

  2. That skirt is amazing. Holy cow.

  3. Love the striped undies, are they from HM or from where?
    And I bought the same dress from Lindex girl section, glad to know I am not the only one :P

  4. I would also like to know where the heart panties came from. I need those on my booty immediately.