Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I: Pose nude

"-It's just flesh.", is how I answered the question on national TV once when asked about posing nude on pictures in the 1990's.
A 1920's inspired shoot in year 2000. Me age 28. Fresh like a flower!

I had the fortune to grow up in the 1980's, an era when individualism was encouraged, when noone wore a top on their bikini going to the beach, when homosexuality never raised an eyebrow and self-fulfilling was considered a good thing.
(What the hell happened since then???)

Boobies on the beach
Back to the boobies on the beach. My fav.
It was so common not wearing a top to the bikini you never even thought about it being shameful or sexual. It was just a part on ones body. "It's just flesh."
There were breastfeeding mothers, grandmothers, teens like me, 20-year olds, 30-year olds, well; everyone.
I can never even remember seeing someone WITH a top on, that would have felt so weird.
We were shown not to be embarassed of our bodys or breast shapes. I've seen all shapes and it's so beautiful - the straightback proudness in how we loved our bodys, not just the breasts themselves.
(Again - What the hell happened since then???)

I have always loved my body, even though it's probably not considered the ultimate body - but for me it is. It's mine, and I love myself, I'd never be embarassed about something so common like a body - we all have bodys, we are all naked under our clothes.

It IS just flesh!


  1. You are beautiful! I have never seen you without much of your makeup and just your flesh. Beautiful.

  2. Very classy & beautiful.

  3. You look amazing!

  4. I absolutely love your excentric and heavy makeup BUT I hope you know that you're also really beautiful with natural makeup! <3 You should do it more often!

  5. Love the "old look" and the "new look"

  6. Vi har importerat dubbelmoralen till Sverige, det har hänt sedan dess. Jättefina bilder på dig, du är vacker :)

  7. what happened? normal swing in Culture.. the "Hipster" Movement is the conservative backswing of the new generation.. =).. also some people have noticed that "beautiful education" and self fullfillment will lead eventually into burger flipping for life =D

  8. Wow <3 this is amazing photo and body <3
    http://fashionnsketches.blogspot.com/ http://ninajancar.blogspot.com/

  9. because people like adora and others who say "I can't date someone who isn't skinny" And Adora has said this many many times that she is VERY shallow.

  10. Very Lovely indeed. However iam sorry but I can still see ribs sticking out! Have a go of you must but at least iam not being anonymous. Iam huge Marylin Monroe fan you didn't aee bones in the real era of these times! Just my opinion but over all lovely

  11. that's beautiful!