Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - New Rules!

First off - Happy Mopy Goth New Year to all the pretties in the world (=you!).
I'm happy to leave 2013 behind me, at least some parts of it.

It started out marvellous with going to school studying pattern construction from January to June, but there also was a downside to going to school...
Since I was so eager to learn as much possible I stayed on until 20:00-22:00 almost every evening although school was out at 15:00. Ups!
This made me tired as a cheerleader swinging from her neck in a tree for hours and hours so I had NO energy to even write in my blog - AND I LOVE WRITING IN MY BLOG!

My company - I'm so behind on orders and it makes precious people have to wait and wait at the moment. Bad - Bat-Bad even!
Also, the Baby-Bats kind of only saw me at breakfast 20 minutes every morning... That makes no good parenting.
When school ended I think my body needed to make up for all the action that's been going on so I slept and slept like a goth Cinderella, then there were fashion shows, exhibits, a known, weird blondino made things with me - kind of a secret I guess, but stuff like that just happens to me - and I have the pics to show it!, interviews and lots of other hoolaballoo since it was my "YES-year" (where I had to accept things I was asked - if not too stupid. Me? Doing stupid things? Never! Was I supposed to say yes to sexual stuff too? Well, If you failed to ask it's too late now!). 
Even though I have a vision of me being indestructable I might be wrong ;)

But NOW I'm ready to kick my Goth ass over to year 2014 and I'm starting with blogging again.
I say Wihoo to that!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Aye Adora. Happy New Year to you and yours. I just really enjoy your photographs and silly rants and raves. Like ur fabulous mini minute videos u post. Just too cute. Makes it interresting. I also am looking into the method of eating that you speak about. Thinking of looking into it. Seems to work for u. I am almost certain that Sweden has a much healthier food supply. Here in America we are subjected to purposely poisonous meats and veggies, everthing we produce is poisoned by Monsanto group. Which the government allows, GMO' s etc. Its awful. Devastating and this Monsanto is not allowed to operate in most of Europe now i believe. Well take care and keep smiling prettY girly!! Xo

  2. Oh my Dear Adora! I was afraid you might over do yourself. No pressure art all we got to see you fb anyway so that was nice enough of you, ahem, I mean really really BAD of you!! Shame on mrs Adora! ;D Happy New Years Dear, hope to see you here at least once a week trying to make time for us too. Even once a month will do dear, anything at all from you is a priviledge to baby bats like us Thanks for all the hard work! Ps. One of my new years resolutions are to get fanged So excited.. I know i will be a lot of twilight crap out of but who the fuck gives ducks? I know you look awesome with them, and you are my excuse for it as well (Rather proud to say that you are my reason, to get gorgeous and dangerous!). See you soon here again!

  3. Oh so you did like in the movie Yes Man! Must have been quite a rollercoaster there. Well, hope you have a great one this year. Wishing you and your family health, hapiness and all the love you can get. xxx

  4. Hell yeah Adora, you NEED to come back and write in this blog, its have been so empty around here!

    Happy New Year for you and your family!

  5. I'm so happy to know that you're well and starting the year off writing to us! I know what you mean about neglecting your blog and fellow readers due to studies, i'm in the same boat, but I'm happy to join you and better myself for I have A LOT of explaining to do! Especially to my health. Shame on me!! A good smacking is what I deserve.