Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Year Resolutions

I know one is supposed to have only one New Year resolution, but I always have too many things I'd like to change; so screw that!

1. Back to basics - my old Goth self back, please.

2. Be organized in life as in business
3. Blog each day year 2014
4. Sell off stuff I don't use (like my heart *hahaha*)
5. Get a hard butt

And then of course I have my wishes for year 2014 as well.
Things I wanna strive for, things that will make me happier:

1. I SO wanna catwalk model for Bibian Blue!
2. Go to London to meet the lovely Chelsea/Syntheticdoll again
3. Have a shoot with Chelsea (and Sphirex?!)
4. Meet the fab Joseph Harwood and make a shoot as Dollfie's together
4. Finish the video for Black Religion song as Asperger Synthdrome
5. Record A Broken Me and War Inside
6. Travel to Japan
7. Have a concert or do some modelling in Japan

Hopefully I can say "Check" on a few of them before this new year is over!


  1. Can't wait for A Broken Me...I fell in love with the instrumental :)

  2. So if you wanna be a Bibian Blue model you'll have to come to Barcelona! :)

  3. Ah, I really hope you come to London again! I would love to meet you, I hope that doesn't sound weird! >_<

  4. I love that you've started blogging again and I loveLOVElove your blogposts up until now<3 I'm also glad to hear that you're going back to your gothy self c: Of course you still look fab, but I think your earlier, gothier looks were just perfect ^^ As you can see, I have sooo much positive things to say, haha

  5. that will be very cool if you come to Japan!!!
    when you travel to Japan, please annouce it over this blog please!<3