Monday, February 22, 2010

Did Greta steel them?

Yesterday we went out to play with the kids in the 50 cm snow. When we were to get the plastic sledges (black, of cause) that stood outside our door - they were gone, and nowhere to find! My kids got so sad...

Now I'm getting as crazy as Greta next door and think it's perhaps SHE who stole them and are holding them hostage. Most likely it's evil teens, but I can't help thinking....
It's a very wierd coincidense. Should I report her to the police ;)

What do you think? Is it Greta?

I made this snowman to release my anger.


  1. make a snow-gretta and then destroy it, this might make you feel better...?

  2. i think it was probebly gretta. she probebly did it to get back at you guys. mabby you should ask her if she took them, and see wat her reaction will be. mabby you would be able to tell by that if she has them.