Monday, February 22, 2010

The Police business #4

After the policeman had been in our apartment, he made a suggenstion that perhaps my husband could come in and talk to her. She agreed. It was now Greta, Greta's grandchild (age 40+), R<3 and the police.

Police asked Greta what she had against my husband. She said because he was listening to her and that we don't say "hi" in the hallway!
I can't even remember even seeing her but 2 times, and then only her back as she rushed to her door and locked it. Easy to say hi then!? Should I get after her, ring her door and then say hi?
We always says hi to the people we meet in the house, and I like talking to the elderly.

Police also told Greta we have 3 kids - "How do you think he finds time to listen to you, or how can he even hear anything with 3 kids?". Haha, I wonder that to!!!

She asked R<3 many times why he listens to her, she can't just let it go. The police had to tell her off.
R<3 went back in to our flat.

There will be more...

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