Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly style: Morticia Addams: HAIR

The hair is to be long and shiny. Preferably black (but any color will do).If you don't have naturally long hair - buy some real hair on a weft with clip on's. About 18" is perfect. (put in as usual).
Part hair in the middle, use an iron flattner serum.
I use Schwatzkopf Flatliner.
Then straighten it with a plier.
To get it really shiny I use a coat of Goldwell Diamond Gloss.
Depending on what year of Addams you're looking at she's got slightly curved hair framing the face or have a more straight hair. I prefer the straight. Spray it lightly around the face with a soft spray to keep it in place (L'Oréal or Wella Hairspray nr 3 in Hold). Done!

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