Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm having hair-panic, as usual.
I love my hair long and flat, I think it looks a bit more "model" and proper on me.
But at the same time - big hair is always so cool and makes me look more like a cartoon (like I want to look like). What people don't understand is that when you have long hair back-combing takes FOREVER straitening out! That's why I don't do it that often. It huuuuuurts! But dreads is an easy way to be fluffy and not having the pain.
These pictures are from 2003.


  1. So it's not your real hair in these pics?

    I'm recently going through a similar hell, but it's more PR-related. XD I always go out wearing my long extensions, an many people think it is my real hair. Mine needs to grow 20 cm more to be like that.
    But I don't want to let too many people know what I have now is 50% fake. :))

  2. I totally understand you! Mine goes down to my waist, natural straight hair... I don't even need to iron it!!
    but it is medium to thin, therefore I don't comb it, or it will break when I straight it again :(

  3. Yep, my natural hair is also thin. Teasing it to make it fluffy would damage it. So it is better to damage extensions, I think. :)

  4. Oh, I always want so much volume in my hair. Some ways I get my hair as high as it can go is I use moose (got 2 b fatastic) and bump its ( like snookie). I also try hair wax and layered hair which is perfect for giving the illusion of volumized hair. Hope this helped.

  5. Picture on the right is HOTTTT.

  6. Just cut my hair and kinda wish I hadn't. It was just past my shoulders, but I really wanted that Captain Maggot crazy hair. I'm not sure I made the right decision but I think I cut some damaged parts off so now it will hopefully grow back better.

  7. Those hair pieces are quite easy to make and you can buy so many colours from Ikickshins! Maybe just make some extra sets and wear it when you feel like it! :) I had quite long hair for what I'm used to (over the shoulder) and when the dead part was gone I was stuck at suck an awful lenth.

  8. I have to say that I'm quite jealous, Adora - I've always wanted to have long hair like yours! The longest I've ever gotten mine is somewhere just past shoulder length.

    Once the hair dye has been cut out of my hair (about 2.5cm left), I'm going to work on growing it out as far as I can. The goal is 76cm! Do you have any tips for growing healthy long hair?

  9. Thank god this hair isnt actually yours !!! i would die tryingg to achieve it , but it is gorgeous!