Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcake time

Mmm, TeeBee helped me bake the cupcakes today. We made lemon and raisins cupcakes.
Frosting for 6 cupcakes: converter
20 g butter
35 g Philadelphia cheese
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/3 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
1,6 dl icing sugar
(caramel color; beetroot extract for example)
Blend it with a fork or a beater. Decorate. Store in refrigerator when you've added the frosting.


  1. They look super cute! You 're making sweets so often. I thought you were sticking to your Montignac method. Can you NOT try these cupcakes? I wouldn' t resist!

  2. hey adora this cupcakes looks really good ^^i want them xD

    take care beauty <3

  3. Those look great, and who cares if there not from the montignac method, your a great baker and they are yummy, your making me crave to make them now ^.^

  4. Wow! They look great, and that frosting is very easy to do! Definetely must try ^^

  5. Ser ju ut som leksaksmuffins, jättefina! :)

  6. Thanks a lot for the recipe. Till now I done it only with philadelphia cheese and icing sugar... It's yummy but not enough. I will try your recipe =)

  7. You are always posting recipes for desserts that look so delicious.:D Would you be able to post some recipes for delicious healthy meals? ....Even if I still love sweets more, haha!