Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, people!

It's FRIDAY!!! And here I am with my Friday-glass! As you can see I'm currently in Paris ;)
What's in store today?
I'm gonna bake something for the kids efternoon break, most likely I will be lazy and make cupcakes, then for dinner it will be tenderloin (of human of course) with red wine sauce (type A negative with a dash of Crianza) and béarnaise sauce served with grilled veggies (brutally slaughtered).
Then I'll take a stroll down town to buy something for a baby named Enya who we are going to visit tomorrow, Her dad is Magnus of Swedish electro band Colony 5 .

Happy Friday to everyone!


  1. Happy Friday to you as well! I need a Friday glass...

  2. XD i can see brutality-inspiring discription of the food hahah i guess some ''normal'' ppl (like the ones who wrote nasty things on that wbsite) are gonna totally freak out! ahah you are awesome Adora! xDDD

  3. Hello Adora :)

    Happy Friday!

    I wonder if you would like that song...

    I don't know if you know the band Samsas Traum - it's German. But I know that you went to Germany for several times to visit some festivals :)

    I translated the songtext for you - to the best of my abilities ;)
    I really like it and I hope so do you!

    Here's the lyrics:
    (sorry it's a bit huge haha)

    Well maybe the lyrics are a bit gross or sick but the way he sings it it sounds very cute! ;)
    And also it doesn't rhyme in English but in German it does.

  4. Very happy Friday!

    Pretty make-up today =)

  5. Haha, i dont have any friday rituals but i should start!, thanks for your insipration!