Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nordic Fabric Fair

I went to bed 23:00 Tuesday, "slept" until 03:00, then I had to get up to get ready to jump on a train 04:44 this morning.
Eating one of my egg sandwiches at the train
I say "slept" because Fairlight got "vinterkräksjukan" (= norovirus) and puked like 10 times that night. It was like the Homer Simpson incident when he had to work double jobs so Lisa could have a horse. He just touched the pillow when the alarm clock went off and he had to get up again. That's what I felt like...
Checking my notes as arriving to the fabric fair
The train took me to the Nordic Fabric Fair in Borås to find all those beautiful laces and chiffons I've been looking for to my own designs. It was a very good day! I've met lots of nice fabric agents that was very nice and helped me, as the un-experienced fabric dealer I am ;)
I just couldn't reseist those harlequin squares
hearts and dots!!!! Wihooo <3
I still missed out on a few fabrics, but I found many that made my heart jump!
And one of Swedens most famous designers, Karin Säby, was there buying fabrics as well. The ex-model looks gorgeaous in real life!
So if you see girls looking like I did today on her next show, and with a white bow on the butt ( I had a white bow on my skirt at the ass) you know where she got it ;)
I have my eyes on you, Karin!
And look who I found on the train back! A super pretty girl, that I'm also happy to have as my sister - Jenni <3
So nice to meet up with you today. We look so cute together!
Now I have lots of minus sleep to get back. Nighty nighty


  1. Sounds like you had some fun!
    Hope Fairlight will get better soon! Poor little sweetie.
    Love the picture of you and your sister!

  2. I love you're blog! xoxo

  3. I love your sisters green tips on her bangs, what a clever look. Do you celebrate St Patricks day? (March 17th here in the US)

    What kind of "bread" do you use for your egg sandwiches? Missing sandwiches is one of my problems with this new diet.

  4. Love your Style!!!<3

    You are a really Pretty girl<3

  5. awe I wear the same tights that you have on here all the time :)
    Lovely. And you and Jenni always come out great in pictures.