Monday, March 7, 2011

Complimentary art

This is the first time I've ever seen anyone make one of these of  <3me<3
It made my heart melt, so incredible sweet! AND, I will place an order for those coffin earrings. They are brutal, and totally me!
See original by Laervarium here to see each object


  1. Have you ever been to
    I think if you like gothic or gothic lolita clothes, you would really find some great stuff there for very reasonable prices!
    just scroll down and to the left hand side there are all the different categories of clothes.

    Just saying. :)

  2. haha be careful, polyvore is addictive! :D but great way to search for inspiration and new online shops! ;P

  3. Are you feeling better? I hope you do :)

  4. Do you like Emilie Autumn? because there is a cover from the EP 4 o'clock on your right side.
    Maybe we get to see eachother at the Mera Luna this year (Or I see YOU as you don't have an idea of who I am even ). Don't worry if I begin to scream or do crazy things like that (just kidding dont take that too serious) :D You inspire my entirely- it would be nice to say hello..
    Much love, cup cakes and sugar kisses to you.
    You are great! Go on like this germany loves you!