Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Old picture of the day

I look so bitchy here. It's like "I'm gonna kill you for stealing away all my black make up, and then I'm gonna cut your curtains in half just to spite you"-look.
Hahaha, honey, why so serious???


  1. Adora have a question for you,i hope u answere :)
    What Gauge is your piercing at the top of your right ear,or left,whichever?
    And what gauge is your nose piercing (which i love btw)?
    let me know :)

  2. I like those perfect eyebrows ^^

  3. You don't look bitchy, you just look like you won't take shit from anybody!!

  4. This is the most beautiful I've ever seen you. You should go back to this hair colour! It suits you best.

  5. i think that you look even more beautyfuul than normal when you have light makeup

  6. Thank's all <3
    and yes, I feel a bit better :)

    @Anonymous: My now "pointy ear"-piercing was freshly done here (now I have beautiful cones on top)and they are 1,6 gauge. And my nose piercing is so small it doesn't even have a gauge. It was made in the days when there still was no other piercers but the ear piercers (I'm THAT old) so it's just been shot with an ear piercing back then.
    Thank's, I made the nose cone myself :)

  7. Lovely picture!

    Adora I have a question to you:
    How do you manage to set your fake lashes to point so upwards?

    I have tried to get into the same result but my lashes point always down from the sides. :/
    Do you have done something to the lashes? Have you curled them or have you cut away some part of them to make them fit better?

    Please answer when you have time! :)

  8. I don't suppose you happen to remember what lipstick and blush you used, they look stunning <3

  9. My curtains NOOOOOO!!!

    The nose cone is fantastic, and homemade to!

  10. I LOVE this look! It sort of makes me think of a really awesome, gothed-out Poodle Skirt-wearing 50s girl! Does that make sense..?