Thursday, March 10, 2011


I get asked a lot about the long lashes I usually wear.
I wear Kryolan 9374. I like them generally because I can have them on a whole day without noticing them.
The hair is attached to a very flexible silicone string which allows them to fit perfectly.
I've had the same model for years just because I'm so pleased with them. And when they get old and doesn't look as good I just cut them up and use them for effects :)
Here with my sister Jenni, also wearing 9374
Unfortunately I can't wear lashes too often because I easily get allergic. The adhesive I have right now (DUO) is good though, but I don't wanna jinx it by using it too often.
Nothing makes a perfect make up look so good as pretty lashes.


  1. I absolutely love your lashes....I've tried in the past but for some reason they just won't stay or always end up crooked. I'll have to try again ;p

  2. Omg I love those lashes. I've yet to try lashes but trust me I want some. By the way I love your hair tossed to the side so gorgeous.

  3. Hej hjärtat!! Tänkte bara visa dig denna länk:

    Såg att du var ute efter en "blodlampa". Vad jag förstår, så är det av detta man gör en sådan av ? =O

    Men jag kanske är helt ute och cyklar..?

  4. I have the same adheshive :)
    But i'm too clumsy to put those on..
    I tried it many times but it wont happen D:

  5. lovely lashes... but next pair I want to make kinda looks like this one

    spider web lashes <3

  6. want to have not to make xD