Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovely crowns

Right now I'm on the job to find sweet and original crowns to put in my web shop.
A difficult work I can tell you! Often when I find one, there is only one - and I want that for myself.
I love wearing crowns, but I need to find pretty and original enough to sell. Here's a few pretty ones, but I'm looking for more silver..
But I would still wear every single one of them at any day..


  1. Second one, in silver with black gems, would be great! ;)

  2. i LOVE the little gold one with pink gems!
    If you started selling them, i would love to buy!
    What are they made from? OXO

  3. I really like the second one as well. I love sapphires so I think that crown would look great with blue stones instead of pink

  4. i searced some, hope your will like them:)

  5. adora I love you!
    (comment OT) thanks to you I discover the montignac (sorry for my english, I'm italian) and I love it!!! THANKS TO YOU, really, this "diet" change my life..

  6. I make Wire mini crowns with ribbon wrapped around them. They are a bit plain and boring, but the fact of them being made of ribbon is that you can customize them as you please :) I have haven't gotten around to start selling them. Which is sad.