Saturday, March 12, 2011

Todays make up

This week I had a green day on Wednesday, and some kind of pink line for my happy Friday :)
Right now I'm bleaching my roots :) My head itches like crazy! I started a bit late, so I won't have the time to color it today. I have to live with the boring white color for a week :(

TeeBee's best comment of the day: "-Last night the Devil came to my room and patted my hair." -Why you think that, I asked? "-I don't think it, it really happened, because look at my hair, it didn't look like this when I went to sleep. He obviously messed it up."
Hahahaha. And his strange thought about the Devil was because they asked what the Devil was, and I tried to be a good Christian and tell them. But apparently I made them think he messes little boys hair when they sleep :D


  1. Oh, poor TeeBee!

    And WHAT A FREAKING AWESOME MAKE UP! Really, really looove it!

  2. Oh God! xD make up, fantastic. TeeBee, fantastic :)

    p.s: I bleached my roots too today and I'm desperate because all my hair broken in the roots ç_ç I look like a scarecrow.. really hope yours come out good!

  3. Teehee! that is adorable. <3

    i wish thats all the devil was. Better to believe that for as long as possible then having horrible nightmares. And the makeup idea is fab!!!! i will try it this weekend and post pictures and link ( and credit you )

    Have a safe weekend!

    Kinky Mint.

  4. Haha amazing... reminds me so much of my little brothers.
    I myself used to think that at night the fairy people came into my room and layed little knots in their hair. My mum tried to tell me that I actually was the cause of my acute dreadlock explosions every morning, but I wouldn't believe that, cuz my fingers weren't tiny enough to make such little knots :P

    Love and Hallucinate x
    Venus on Drugs

  5. How cute TeeBee is! ^^

  6. Little children can be amazing :) When I was little I thought that there was a dragon living in our attic and a vampire in a pantry. Not to mention people eating giant frogs in our cellar. My mother told me about them and then the next day asked me to go and get some potatoes from it... I was only 7... :D

  7. I think your very beautiful. Very inspiring to other women who like to be just who they are.Well done. I love how you do your makeup. (8