Thursday, March 3, 2011


My whole family is down!
The night between Tuesday to Wednesday Fairlight puked like 10 times. And until today everything was happy.
Then at 20:00 Synthia puked, 21:00 my husband puked, and 22:30 TeeBee puked all over himself, the floor and the bed linen. And at 23:15 my turn had come.
Me and my husband puked at the same time even. Thank God we have 2 toilets!
I have no fever (yet), but I have the sensation of a puke lurking about..
I can tell you this: puking chili nuts is not that nice.


  1. Aw. Hope you & your family get well soon. xx hugs

  2. Feel better soon <3 Sending love your way to you and yours!

  3. Me and my boyfriend hope you get well soon, he had it really bad a while ago and had to go to hospital :( he is apt to going over the top with things though :P he just has to be more ill than everyone else!

  4. Hope you all get better soon, but i couldnt help to laugh while reading it:P You wrote it down so funny

  5. sounds bad! Feel beeter soon! That your family will be fine as soon as possible!

  6. Sounds like Norovirus, eughh it's evil but the good thing is that it's short lived. Hope you all get well soon. x

  7. I had to chuckle too! But in all seriousness, feel better soon! Stay hydrated!

  8. I wish you and your family get better so soon!!!!
    3rd week into Montignac 101,7kg.

  9. Also me, my husband and my son was the same in the between sunday and monday -.-'

  10. I dont know is it a global expresion but in our country when we read something like these we sad: "If that weren't tragical it would be comical" :)

    Other readers already sad but you really wrote this in a funny way.

    Hope all of you are already fine and feeling better!v

  11. Aww! That's too bad! You should have a puking contest to see who pukes most times in a day! :P

    I have a question for you though:
    Do you have another job, besides alternative modeling? Is beeing an Alternative model enugh paid?
    It's not to be rude or's just that I'm dreaming of becoming an alternative model one day. So I just want to know if I'll need a second job, or not. :)