Friday, March 4, 2011

Norovirus sucks

All day in bed with a tight grip on my puke bucket and Porsche (my cat) laying under the cover on my legs making me sweat. I do NOT feel glamorous at all.
My hair is like wire wool and my body eaches like crazy.
I feel so weak.
I can only drink, and at least I could drink some minerals in a fluid replacement earlier without puking.
My whole family had the same virus, but I got it worst :(


  1. Poor Adora! Heres wishing you well!!! ^v^

  2. I hope you get well soon, Adora.
    My nephews are on the Hospital because of stomach infection too :(

    Hugs ♥

  3. Oh, honey....
    hope you all will be better soon!
    Must be horror for your kids and your husband too!

    Love and kisses

  4. Feel better soon! Hopefully you'll be nice and thin when this is over!

  5. Get better son Adora!

    Best wishes, and be strong!

    I'll send you a kiss!

  6. Lmao @ wire wool,lol anyway hope u feel better soon :) wish u a speedy recovery

  7. Get well soon Adora!!!
    Best wishes from Ireland! <3

  8. I drew your sister Jenny =)

    here :

    All the best

  9. dont forget to buy some serum , it gonna helps you a lot! SPECIALLY for your childs