Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unhappy Saturday

With the puke hanging on the doorknob all day and a body doing the hippie hippie shake by itselves, and a movement like Nosferatu this is by far my most unhappy Saturday ever.
I've tried eating, but everything just makes my tummy do somersaults.
The only good thing about this norovirus is that my skin color is even paler :)


  1. And puking makes people even more skinny ^__~

  2. I want to reply Eurofighter:

    I think Adoras healthy-skinnyness is the better way to achieve that thou! :P

    And Adora:

    I hope you get well really soon and that your next Sunday will be the best in your life instead! :D My self is having menstrual pains and just missed out on going out in the lovely spring-weather we are having in Berlin just now because of that. Being ill or in pain is not fun at all. Hugs.