Saturday, September 24, 2011

Me and Celebrities

Spot the celebrity!
This is what I found coming out from the boys room at Berlin club K17, 2006 01 05.
He was both cuter and shorter than I thought. Very nice too (at least by that evening).
One of us looks super-duper cuddly and the other one as well!..


  1. OMG Steve Naghavi!!!!!!!! You are so lucky,I love him so much! <3 <3

  2. Oh my god *-* Love him <3

    Adoraaa.... You are so perfect!!
    My name is Desiree and I'm from Brazil and I love your look, your videos, your post, everything... You are a fantastic!
    Many here in Brazil as I admire you too much, and are inspired by you. I loved his collection of clothing, are wonderful, as I wanted a T-shirt AdoraBatBrat, pity he did not here, unfortunately :~(
    I wish much happiness to you and your family. We Brazilian fans love you! kisses Desirée

  3. No Iva Insane friday? :C

  4. I love your hair in these pics... The bangs are super cool!!

  5. How do you do this awesome hairstyle? I understand there's fake hair that matches your color, but how do you pin it to yours so accurately?

    I have an uber-important party coming and was thinking of hair like this, but have no idea on how to carry this out...

  6. OMFG you met Steve Naghavi *_*

  7. OMG you met Steve Naghavi! I am so jealous, i am a huge fan of And One!