Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips for your Christmas wishlist

Supporting wonderful, talented designers is a perfect way both to get yourself something unique and make sure these designers keep up their good work.
I found some lovely items at I'd like to share.
MidnightWhispers bracelet US $22.00
Malignantdesigns US $10.00

US $37.40
US $19.55
Put those items on top of Santas list and go eat your spinach!


  1. ...and thanks for the links! It seems like a kind of etsy shop!

  2. Wow those are absolutely gorgeous!!
    If you have time could you maybe check out the things I make? I don't have them on etsy as I can't afford it, I'm just starting out, but if you like them maybe you could mention them? :)!/media/set/?set=a.230265337021810.53814.107118459336499&type=3

  3. Those gloves are amazing but I'd totally get stuff all over them. lol

  4. I've already got my goth christmas prezzies picked out for my buddies. ;D

  5. Hello, Adora. I remember thatyou wanted to buy specific pair of boots some time ago. They weren't look like these- ? I am not sure, but maybe I hit the target...

  6. Hello! Thank you for including my bracelet in your wonderful post!

  7. They're all so gorgeous, especially the first set of armwarmers! :)

  8. Yey Tristania...I really like her accesories. And she´s really a nice person. And I think it´s so great to see her work here :)