Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top of my wishlist

Man, I must have been possessed by the soul of a hip-hop star, a crow and a Hollywood wife!
This fixation with shiny, glittered stuff! I'm so embarassed!
I feel like I have a dark secret I need to hide from the rest of the world. Please don't tell anyone!
This was on top of my wishlist today:

Tea-pot Lovely Gold by Little Diva
And I got $ appropriated to go buy it! Wiihooo! Now I can drink tea and chocolate milk with style! But as a goth I will also feel ashamed, as appropriate.


  1. Only the very best magpies and crows have a golden teapot! It is so Alice in Wonderland in Heaven!

  2. It's a beautiful teapot! No need to feel ashamed. I always thought that it was kind of boring to restrict myself to only one kind of style or taste anyway.