Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Todays make up

Adora's Valentine's Day Poem.

On the pure white snow
Blood never looked more beautiful
You make my blood freeze I said
But Winter just laughed away
and dead I stay

Who'd knew I had a poem in me?
My friendly neighbour behind me at the class was sweet enough to hand out jelly and nougat hearts to everyone! (not him on picture, that's another classmate). I wish him a lovely Valentine's Day - and everyone else too.
Thank you, A.
Many budgets and salary and costs in and out have been on the schedule all day long. My brain is shutting down...zzzzz.


  1. YOU ARE A book full of love, how can't you contain poems inside you?!!Obviously! all this and more.. after so many years,we are still in the beginning of discovering you.. Adora! Wake up! You are a rare rose!!
    -A 15 years old goth girl-
    (yh, i know, i'm just a kid!)