Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Me answering a question: Your styling was better before!

Sweet Leah said in my comments:
"i think your styling was so much better just a few years ago, in my opinion.
you're still a beautiful woman no matter what, but the way i see it your style has virtually nothing in common with original goth anymore. especially as you always put the emphasis on old school electro/goth yourself. what you've been sporting more recently is becoming more like a teenager's style. :(

i know people will comment and hate me now... so: have fun with it, guys. keep in mind that i didnt mean this to sound rude though."

My Answer:
Leah - I can't but agree! I've became a couch potatoe when it comes to style!

You are totally correct in your views. I always appreciate when people poke on me with a stick so I can shape up! Thank's for the heads up!

Still, this week is crazy and to prevent myself from going into the wall I will take it easy, but on Monday I will do my best to re-invent myself (I do that every now and then) and my style.

I hope you will be pleased. Please give me feedback next week, Leah <3
(just bare in mind - I can't wear full lashes every day because I easily get allergy)

The day-to-day looks I'm the most fond of myself is:


  1. Leah, for real goths, it's all about the MUSIC, not the image ...

  2. Have to agree with Michelle on that one, quite a bit!
    Love you a ton, Adora!
    You're like, my idol. Seriously. :')

  3. It's only natural for one's style to evolve over time. If she enjoys how she dresses now, I don't see the problem.

    Because that's what it's all about. Dressing for yourself. Not for Goth, per se, but just in general.

  4. Awww Adora you don't need to change or alter your style for anyone! You always look beyond amazing whatever you wear. A true Goth doesn't wear something because it is 'goth', they wear it because they like it. You wear what you wear because you like it and it so happens to be goth! Continue to dress the way you want - everyone loves your fashion sense!

    ScytheCat xxx

  5. what is a real goth? why do you have to make it sound so cliquey?

  6. adora! your fuckin hott!!!!!!!! you dont need to change just because someone dont like it if u wore a potatoe sack you would still be fuckin hott ur amazing in every way i love you so do many many many others i say do what ever the hell you want! people are gonna talk crap everywhere and that was rude! its not like shes listenin to rap and wearing sagging clothes lol anyways adora your great!

  7. hi adora can you answer this one question plz??

    Why do you only reply to the comments that are negative?

    Every post you make about answering questions is always answering to the negative kind.. you never answer the positive ones.

  8. Also i see all of your photos you have a skirt or a dress, do you ever wear pants?? not even in the winter?

    thanks :)

  9. you should dye your hair pink again! i think it was super cute :) and you said you would! haha

  10. When you factor in Adora's a mother that does amazing make-up everyday, who uploads partly for her self, but also for your entertainment and sometimes may just want to be in comfortable, but still pretty awesome outfits whose to judge what she wears. I'm sure if anyone took a look at Leah's style and her putting herself in the position of some kind of style goth judge that others could find flaws with her style if they have different goal posts as to what makes a goth a goth. Stop just looking at the style, soak up some substance for once, see the bigger picture and try to see things from a different perspective.

    Adora you don't need to prove yourself to this passive aggressive elitist hater. Just feel slightly sorry for her and skip on over to the other side of the hill.

  11. The only important thing is that YOU feel comfortable and pretty in what you wear...

  12. I think you dress just fine! But then again, I'm not really a gothling myself. I'm just a curious outsider looking in, so maybe I can't really see much difference in the styling. :) You always look great to me! Especially for a busy mom of three, most moms would find getting dolled up at all a chore!

    Just don't put too much pressure on what someone says. Dress how you like. ;) You obviously have more courage than most people to dress the styles that you do and that is awesome!

  13. What the.... My god you have three little kids. I'm a mother of two and know how timeconsuming these little monsters are. Inspite of that you succed to look gorgeous every day!! I would definitely need someone to pick on me with a critical stick ;)

  14. I think so, too! Much respect for your lovely outer appearance!! <3

    Goth is nothing just from the outside, it´s a way of life, not just how you dress up. ;)

  15. Next color should be pink;)

  16. Myself I don't care fore labels that much. There fun, I love subcultural-stuff and all that jazz but who's to say your goth or not (if you fit in at all that is)?

    Anyway, I also don't care for the using of "electro goth" as a English synonym for the Swedish word "synt" and"syntare". There is really nothing "goth" about this subculture and I do get that it's in lack of a better word but can't we syntare keep to the Swedish word that doesn't really have a resemblance outside of Sweden and make it universal instead?

    I also feel like the synt-scene in Sweden is quite different for other countries. It's more specific here around (and don't get mad, I'm not being an elitistic ass hole here, I'm just observing and stating an empirically formed fact in my own little bubble). It has a special feel to it. Especially the early 80's stuff from here around. Norwegian synt is also a special branch of the group that we can talk about in a more general and broad sense of the word "synt" or, well "electro goth".

    I know I'm ranting a bit, and I guess my comment got a bit "off topic" but I hope you guys take it for what it is - a love-letter to our old Swedish synt-scene and everything utterly beautiful that was made in rooms and garages in this country a few decades ago! <3


  17. Couch potato?! You put so much effort into your look, I can't imagine it!

  18. "what is a real goth? why do you have to make it sound so cliquey?"
    ^What this anon said; because it's not just about x-factor to a specific individual. Some people express themselves through music, some through fashion, some through painting or sculpture, some through prose/verse. Some people immerse themselves in all of those things. Some people don't.

    And as for criticizing Adora for responding to negative criticism in this way and for taking this initiative, quite frankly, I think it's noble and inspiring of her to do so. She could easily have pretended that Leah's comment didn't exist, or even have responded defensively/badly to it, but instead she took it as a personal challenge to be more experimental with her look. Isn't that part of why we all love Adora in the first place?--because she challenges the standard, because she goes above and beyond "the norm," even her own standard of norm?

  19. I have seriously no idea, what that Leah-Person could mean or what pictures she has seen that I haven't.... because I don't see any change of style...?! But whatever, just do and dress as you please, Adora :) (As if you wouldn't without this encouragement... *lol*)