Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today's make up

I had a parental meeting today since TeeBee will start pre-school in August.
I have to beg your pardon of the make up since I took the pictures 5 minutes before bedtime and I look crazy tired! But I still think you get the general idea of the swirls.

..and I looked so sweet in gray too, so I made one like that as well :)


  1. i think your styling was so much better just a few years ago, in my opinion.
    you're still a beautiful woman no matter what, but the way i see it your style has virtually nothing in common with original goth anymore. especially as you always put the emphasis on old school electro/goth yourself. what you've been sporting more recently is becoming more like a teenager's style. :(
    i know people will comment and hate me now... so: have fun with it, guys. keep in mind that i didnt mean this to sound rude though.

  2. I think Adora has her own style as an original goth. She takes pieces and puts them together in her own way. Teenage style is more like doing what is trendy right now and what the mannequin is wearing at hot topic. Adora is a real person not a unchanging robot. She has evolved into what she is now over the years and that is far cry from trendy predictable "teenage" style. She is a work of art :)I could say so much more but it seems to me plain to see with no words spoken.

  3. she is her own. A unique beauty ♥

  4. beauty <3 I really like your style adora :D its so inspiring and you're such an awesome mother, wish to have family like you <3

  5. It's too bad the teenage hot topicers weren't more like her. Keep it up lovely.

  6. I can see where you're coming from Leah, but I think while Adora's style may be similar to others, I think she's definitely made it her own.
    I know I have personally never seen anyone who looks even remotely like her, but then again, I live in a small town, and it's been YEARS since I've traveled out of the country.
    Either way, I really see Adora as an inspiration. I've always had terrible self esteem because I was bullied in school, and have been in a few very abusive, toxic relationships. But reading Adora's blog makes me so incredibly happy. It makes me feel like maybe I can be beautiful and happy too. And to me, that's much more important than Adora's style being copied or similar. :)

  7. Thats what I like most about your style: its not typical goth. typical goth is boring, its to boring for extravagant people :-)

    although I personally would never wear a crown on a parental meeting (would I?) I like the idea of just doing this.

    How long does it take you to paint this swirls? (you must have a lot of practice)
    And how do you figure it out that they are equal on each side? (thats a challenge)

  8. @Morgaine La Chatte said... "And how do you figure it out that they are equal on each side? (thats a challenge)"

    i have always wondered the same thing! i think Adora's makeup is so unique and stunning. i wish i would have had the courage to be who i wanted to be ... (like this) ... and the talent to create such art! but i have neither ...

    Adora, you hear this over and over but you are an incredible mother, amazing homemaker, wonderful wife - with a wicked style and sense of humor. i live vicariously through you!

  9. "Thats what I like most about your style: its not typical goth."

    That´s what make the difference!

    Se proves that being goth is not following the main styles. It is possible create your OWN style inside goth culture =D

  10. Beautiful! Absolutely stunning.

    Leah: I think it's totally unnecessary of you to say that. It's not like she's going to change just because one tiny person doesn't like what she does. Is she an ''original goth''? That's just boring. She has her own style, not everyone elses style.

    Morgaine La Chatte: I think it's about doing little steps at a time, and on each side. But it doesn't have to be the same, that's the fun of it!

  11. so this is what that chik commented on ugh wtf adora ur perfect the way u r! dont change be who u r and you dont need to please her who is she anyways just another person trying to get noticed jeez y is it no matter what u r goth, punk,etc.... people like to tlk shit and label grrrr anyways i have two zombiesand i wish reallly wish i could have more time on myself to look atleast half as good as you kids r time consuming and you have three im lucky if i could fit in puttin on my ruby red lipstick and thats sad anyhow love you kisses! oh i mentioned in another comment im gettin a tattoo of ur eyes i hope u like ill post a pic right after its finished :)