Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crafting: sugar art

I used a chocolate mold for doing this sugar swan this Easter.
It turned out beautiful!
But old habits dies slow and I happened to break the neck while I tried to bite was such a long and inviting neck!
Had to "glue" it back (with sugar icing).

I think I will let the kids feast on it on Fairlight's birthday party for her classmates next week.
Their parents will be SO thankful for that kind gesture.
Shit, I still got that evil streak in me! Thank Goth for that!
I was a bit worried I've become nice.

Now I will paint the final coat on TeeBee's chair so I can put on the fabric until my darlings birthday (my pretty husband turnes 23 - or was it 43(?) the 21'st) on Saturday so the place doesn't look like a complete mess with half-done projects in every it most often does..
That will probably be on top of his wishlist when it comes to me...

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