Thursday, April 19, 2012

Using alcoholics to teach the kids math

I like to imply math for the kids using our environment.
Yesterday we went by the place where our local drunks hangs out.

I asked: How many alcoholics are on every bench?
They answered unanimously: 1 on the first bench, then 3 on the next one, and one on the last.
Good, I said (since I've heard you should always give credits to kids).

How many alcoholics are there in total, and on how many benches?
- 5 alcoholics on 3 benches, they said.
Mummy Adora BatBrat could not be prouder of her little geniuses.

You should totally try this at home! I just couldn't stop laughing when I told my loved husband.
He thought it was cruel. Obviously he's got no sense of humor!


  1. Hahaha.. how not funny this is. You should teach your children some compassion and ethics too. You seem like a cold hearted bitch with a little too much spare time.

  2. I gotta say this does seem a little insensitive, you are teaching your kids to label and judge these people......I like to go to a bar and have a drink and I am far from an alcoholic. And I don't have a cupboard full of booze either.

  3. Did you really Do this or are you just joking?
    I can only agree that you shouldn't be talking about these people in front of your kids like that - we don't know their story, you just teach your kids arrogance and that it's okay to laugh about people who are obviously worse off than themselves.

  4. What's wrong with teaching maths with alcoholics? See nothing wrong here, I think you shouldn't get drunk in public in the first place (if you don't want to look miserable) and did she tell her kids that they're no people or have no feelings? She could have taught maths to her kids using grannies ... or other kids, boys girls whatever.... just teaching maths with alcoholics sounds more fun

  5. Haha, that's the method! :D

    I remember that when I was in school I had to learn how to declinate words (we have declination in polish language; 7 cases - it's worse than latin ;p), so my mum's friend starded to teach me, using examples of "fat ass" and "wonderful Martin" (Martin was her son;s name) xD You can imagin how fast I've learned that ^^

  6. Unlike you, I'm a qualified teacher, and I think your 'teaching method' stinks. You've actually taught your children nothing about math, however have successfully taught them to be judgemental, unempathasing, and to laugh at those who are struggling with a serious disease. I am about to become a parent for the first time and am taking notes from your blog on how NOT to raise my child. Adora, the teacher, this is a lesson you have actually taught me well. Shame on you, and I pity your poor children. I hope they have an Aunty, neighbour or friend who will be a good role model for them. Your parenting skills get a grade F from me!

  7. Mummy could not be prouder? Little geniuses? OMG! Your partner is right, that is cruel!

  8. Holy crap, people. I suppose most of you who commented on Adora being cruel and judgmental aren't from Sweden (or Scandinavia). Here, public drunkenness is really fucking common, and children have to get used to drunken idiots being obnoxious and aggressive from an early age.
    Also, we have a huuuge problem with alcoholism (at least here in Finland), and I for one have lost my sympathies for "real" alcoholics a long time ago. They've suffered through a lot, probably true. But they still choose to drink to try to cope and do so in public, and most often they live off our taxmoney (through social services) and have the balls to complain how no-one ever gave them anyone.

    I think this is quite hilarious. I'd never personally use that kind of an example to kids, but judging Adora without really knowing her is just as rude as you accuse her of being. I believe she's raised her kids right: they're brave enough to wear their own style at such a small age. That takes bravery and good parenting.

  9. "Wear their own style??" Are you kidding? Adora dresses her girls up to look like herself. As for the alcoholism issue in Finland/'s the lack of understanding, and intolerance you speak of that only exaccerbates the problem. Instead of judging, why not do something about it? Campaign to your government to do more to address the problem. Public drunkeness is a huge problem in Australia too, it is not a problem unique to your region. Teaching young children to laugh at the situation and make a mockery of it just teaches them that social problems are something to be ridiculed. I'm glad that you agree you wouldnt use this exammple to teach children how to count....and considering the age of Adora's children, I'm sure they've known how to count to 5 for a few years now. Her motives had nothing to do with math.

  10. Hey Adora, sure will be fun that another mum points at you and say "look at that fucking drunk freak clown" at her son while watching your drunk party videos you have on Youtube. Just sayin'.

  11. Wow Adora, you deserve a Mother of the Year award. No I definitely won't be trying this at home with my kids. What's wrong with you? Oh and good point by previous comment - it's OK for you to post videos of you drunk at parties on youtube but you go make mockery of people doing the same thing. Grow up.
    I've lost all respect for you.

  12. I'm amazed by this post. "You like to imply maths using the environment." What's wrong with counting trees, beetles, pebbles, clouds, flowers, weeds, rocks, ants, birds, puddles. All these pretty possibilities but insteasd you chose alcoholics. That's pretty immature.

  13. Umm, Adora's kids don't wear the same stuff she does. In my opinion, they dress like children who can choose whatever they want to put on. I think they're a bit too old to blidly wear what mom would put on them... But that's just my opinion.

    I'm sure there's public drunkenness in most western countries (or countries where alcohol is legal), but the alcoholics in my country at least are a freaking annoying problem. Have you been to Finland, or do you know someone from here? I don't mean that as provocation, just trying to figure out how well you're accuainted with the problem...
    Like I said: I lost my empathy for alcoholics a long time ago. That doesn't mean I'm gonna go kick them or be mean: I'm polite and most often carry on a converstaion if a raging alcoholic comes and talks to me (if he/she's being reasonably polite and coherent). But after enough encounters with hobos that smell like piss, blood and vodka that knock you over and scream cursewords at you for no reason (YES this happens) I've realized that if a person doesn't have any respect whatsoever to other people they shouldn't expect respect from me either. If that person some day decides to get their shit together and get sober: great, then they'll get my respect again.

    But I diverse. I just wanted to say that it's not a simple question, and I don't think it's your place to judge Adora so harshly. Saying a thing like that you're "taking notes from your blog on how NOT to raise my child." is horrible. Live and let live.

  14. (also, I'm not sure how serious her post was :) Adora has a quirky sense of humour, which I love)

  15. All "anonymous" are same person?
    what's wrong with naming things for what they are? "alcoholic" don´t mean "inhuman" or "crap", but that is what you seem to think ...


  16. This is just plain disturbing..

  17. lmao

    Adora, do you do any face modeling? Email me; I want to buy a couple shots.