Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bread is in the oven

I just spent 2:07 hours on the phone with my best friend L. I'm always so happy to talk to her, she's so funny!

We talked a bit about how women can do so many things at the same time and remembered when our kids were babies and how we talked on the phone as we changed dipers, wiped bums, made dinner, breast feed our kids, unpacked the dishwasher and did our make up, all during the phone call.

And still I do like a thousand things during our conversations;
baked the dough to two lovely breads that's in the oven right now,

made the base for the home made vanilla sauce, did the mix for the homemade lemonade, did some make up, packed the dishwasher and had an apple :)

I'm Mega Woman!

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