Thursday, September 20, 2012

Perfect grandchild

My grandpa Harry is lovely, and as a child he and my grandmother Birgit were my best friends.

I remember them being a bit disappointed with me when I presented my new look at the age of 12.
For their generation it was synonymous with drug addicts and angry kids and they we're afraid I was going bad. They didn't treat me different though.
But I proved them wrong and they stopped to worry about my looks and realized I still was the same.
But I know they both liked my little un-maked face the way it was and missed to see that every once in a while.

My grandpa always said it was a phase... every year until I was 35 I think. Then he gave me a hug and a serious look as he told me he realized it probably isn't. How cute!

Last time I meet him he was even cuter.
It's so sweet how he spends time thinking about this!
He said that he thought about it a lot and came to the conclusion that I am this times "swing-pjatt" as he was. He was the Goth if the 30-40's he said.
He told me he was super extreme in his teen/twenties in that era according to what his elderly thought at the time.
The "swing-pjatt" had pants as wide so it hide the feet, preferably in Tweed pattern. I'll ask him more about this at dinner tonight.

Well, drifting from the subject a bit; because I wanna make him happy I will print out the picture above so he's got a picture of the Ann-Sophie that lives in a parallel universe. The Ann-Sophie I could have been if not my inner self had another view of beautiful.


  1. That was incredibly sweet of you =D

  2. So nice of you=D
    I am showing my grandma my blue and purple bangs for the first time this Christmas. I had blue hair back in February for two months, but I was going to second cousin's confirmation and tried to remove it, and ended up having to take it out.
    But I had pictures on my phone and I showed my Grandma and her sister and they were certian it was a wig XP
    I don't think she'll be too shocked thou, I'm known for being the "strange" one in the family XP
    My dad is still trying ti convince himself that I'll grow out of my love for Pokémon games. I am currently 24 and having been playing for almost 15 years... He's allowed to dream thouXP

  3. Så gulligt av honom att dra paralleller mellan sin egen ungdom och dig. :)

    Jag har också hört det här med att min stil skulle vara en fas. Men här är jag nu 29 år gammal, lika udda som alltid.
    Och du, du inspirerar mig. Känner jag någon dag att jag kanske är för gammal för att se ut på ett visst sätt så tänker jag på dig och Jillian Venters och inser att jag kan se ut precis som jag vill.

  4. min mamma har väll rätt nyligen inset att jag aldrig kommer ändra mig,,,men att det ska ta 40 år är lite extremt...
    Undra om det har med våra nybroitiska gener att göra..;-)

    / Thina

  5. Very sweet. You look gorgeous either way.

  6. How come you don't ever do goth make up with those eye brows?

  7. Du är ju verkligen vacker i allt.

    Min mormor har ogillat mitt svarta hår sedan jag färgade det första gången när jag var tolv och hon har hela min tonårstid tjatat om mitt "änglahår", men efter jag hade varit blond ett tag och sedan färgade det svart så sade hon att hon förstår att det är det jag trivs i. Hon sade att hon hade sett mig på stan och jag jag gick med mer självkänsla.
    Så fint <3