Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baking: Cinnamon bun Day Part 1

So far I've done this:
Mix all the ingredients for 10 minutes. No need to melt butter and heaten milk. The blending process will make it warm enough for the yeast to wake up.
Put a towel over it and place in a warm invironment.
40 minutes later it will look like this.
Put in on your baking table with just the smallest amount of flour.
Use your rolling-pin to make it B I G.
Spread butter/cinnamon/sugar mixture on half of the dough.
Like this.
Now gently fold the dough together.
Making it look like this.
Shred the dough to about 20-22 pieces.
Cut it into a pair of pants. (You don't have to do this step. You can move on to the next one, but I always do it like this)
Tvist it.
Turn it. Number 6 makes good buns.
Tuck in the little end in the middle. Makes it look like a turd, right!
All the little cinnamon buns in their little homes.
Other view.
If you are going to eat the buns today - put them in "paper cups" (what the hell is the english word for that?) to make them look nice.
But are you going to put them in your freezer I recommend you NOT to put them in paper cause it will only fall off and make you swear.
And now my little buns are safely tucked in to grow and be a bit bigger.
Put in a warm, and preferably bit moist place, for about 40 minutes.
(The professionals recommend to put them in the oven (on OFF) and put a kettle of boiling water at the bottom.)
And this is where I'm at right now. Waiting, waiting....


  1. those are called cupcake papers... looks yummy

  2. What is the recipe for the dough and the cinnamon spread?

  3. We call them "muffin cups" although lots of people use them for cupcakes. :P

    Random linguistic fact of the day over!

  4. Please teach me how to cook, Adora~!
    I don't know about everyone here, but seeing those cinnamon buns makes me hungry. ^^

  5. that looks delicious! i wanna eat that one♡

  6. Snygga bullar. Du gör dem precis som mamma och jag har alltid undrat hur hon gör den där snurren för hon gör det så snabbt så jag hinner inte se. Nu vet jag :)

  7. great blog:)

    follow you!

  8. Omg I am hungry now! They look delicious!

  9. wow you are so creative even in the kitchen! send me one of these pleasee!^.^

  10. mmmmh... it's looks so delicious...

  11. I've just eaten one of IKEA, but I'm sure that homemade ones would taste much better!!!

  12. I just made something similar, sooo good =)

  13. The little "paper cups" are called "baking cups" in English so you were close enough! :)