Thursday, October 4, 2012

You can't watch me!

Nooo, I'm not paranoid at all putting a pink bow sticker on my computers webcam.....
And you know: it is possible for people of no-life-just-messing-with- you-things to actually kidnap the webcam.
You'll see! Mark my words,MARK MY WORDS!


  1. i do the same but mine is a sticker from a soap

  2. Hahah I've had black electric tape on my laptop's cam lense since my husband told me that there could be no-lives hackers watching at any moment. The thought freaked me out. :DD

  3. I don't have a webcam on my computer, I have external one... but now I have some workers in front of my window and it drives me nuts. It's not "oh my god, someone could watch me right now" but "hey you, I see you watching me!!!"