Friday, January 3, 2014

Shopping spree is made for me

When the husband says:
"-Tomorrow we'll go to Kalmar (my birth town, about an hour from here) and I'll be with the kids at the Playhouse while you can take the car to the city and do some shopping. Stay as long as you want to. You can have my Gold card.", the Adora says; "-Yes, please." And "I love you."

No car party this time...I fell asleep 23 seconds after this picture.
Just did some ordinary Adora-swirls today. That's pretty enough :)
Me and my son TeeBee (or perhaps it's TeeBat today) made our fearest faces at the Playhouse.
After all the shopping I went to the Playhouse as well, and while my wonderful kids ran around and had a blast I did some work on my video for the song Black Religion in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Still much to do though...

As I was out on town in Kalmar I went to my favorite shop Topiary
There is a huge range of glam looking nicknack as well as exceptional, fabulous pieces for your show rooms. Both reasonable prices, for cheap customers as me, and a bit more pricey.
I think I always leave with something in a brown paper bag with a Topiary print on. 
Today was no exception.
This "tree" was such a lovely way to display your inherited 1940's pearl necklaces you got from your grandma. Thinking of stealing the idea in some way.
This huge decoration crown (about 20 cm in height) made me drool. I might need it.
All my findings.
Now here is a bunch of pictures of all the random stuff I bought today. 
The candy is from Tokige Ture - best candy store in Kalmar.
Mostly on sale! I love a good bargain!
The black phone on the right is a piggy bank, and the small, silver cake plate is from Topiary.
IKEA milk chocolate, top right, is my favorite for baking since it's got a hint of toffee to it.
Under them are bat wings on sale from KappAhl! BatBrat approves!
The Topiary cake plate, a cool cross + skull bracelet and some harlequin plastic ribbon.
A new nosechain with stars on it. Also KappAhl.
Silk papers and heart padlock from TGR.
Silk paper close up. It's actually dirty purple and creamy white. Very, very pretty.


  1. What a great haul ♥
    Love the things you bought.
    And how nice of the hubby to take care of the kids so you can shop til you drop ;)

  2. Your husband is the boss!
    Nice shopping btw ;)

  3. Underklänningen är döskön. Köpte en på rea i höstas och letar efter en till. Perfekt under när man fryser.
    Vilka massa fina shoping kap :)

  4. Happy New Year, baby! What I'm wishing to you? My cock in every hole of your body ... and my sperma on your beautiful face!

  5. Good findings. Loved the pic with TeeBat ;D

  6. Well, those are some pretty things...
    I love the picture iwth the tree.

    A Strangeness in meBlog.