Monday, March 1, 2010

BatBrat's gone fat!

I've lived a bit too good lately so it's time to shape up. At my age it goes fast downhill....
My scale pointed on 54,6 kilos Friday! Mercy, mercy me. I cant weigh over 53, then nothing in my wardrobe fits. I'm having trouble now, and is searching for stretch.

It's time for some hard-Montignac!


  1. Adora, please tell me that's a joke. You're so skinny! Like a supermodel. Don't even talk like that, you're making the rest of us feel horrible about ourselves for weighing more than 120 pounds!

  2. Hello Adora!! please post some more examples of Montignac recipes, I find the ones you put up inspiring! I also have a question for you:
    How do I know how much I should weigh for my height? I'm 1.70m, but by using BMI it says I'm ok even when I'm fat >.<
    Hope you have time to reply I would appreciate it.
    Thank you!!

  3. Hi, Madalina
    Just like you I can't go by BMI. If I did I should be fat. Now, when I have almost no muscles my weight is best about 51 kg (to look anorexic skinny without being it), and with muscles about 56 kg is perfect(I'm 177 cm).
    The way I eat I can never become anorexic, cause I eat so much.

    I have tall and skinny parents, so my bodytype is to look like this, following BMI would give me fat thighs, big ass and a big tummy.

    Weight is so individual, but I like to look skinny but I also LOVE to eat, so Montignac method works perfect to me. I can always eat how much I'd like, as long as I choose "good" things :)

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  5. Thank you very much for the reply:) will strive for about 50kg max then as I'm much shorter than you >_<
    Will buy book about this diet, eating healthy always makes me feel so much better, like giving up sugar was worse than giving up smoking, but it is worth it:)
    Thanks again you're such an inspiration, all round: style, makeup, diet! So glad I found you as ur fun to follow and nice xx

  6. your so skinny i weigh 8 stone that's thin but i was an ex anorexic and i don't think that it nice to see this sort of thing and i did think goth girls didn't follow trend of being stick thin im not trying to be nasty but im fed up of seeing it it make the rest of us feel fat thanks