Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly style: The Anadin Brothers

"The Anadin Brothers" were the girls Colette Appleby and Wendi West; back up singers and dancers of "Doctor and the Medics" (the real stars of the band if you ask me). I wanted to be them.
Here in white hair:
I saw them at a TV live show in the mid 80's and they were a total WOW-factor to me! Two fab goth girls with long, black hair to their knees and heavy bangs. The make up was total white with lots of black around the eyes and 3 long black stripes from their eyes to their chin almost. They had a Morticia rip-off dress in white. I often think about them. They have always been my inspiration on to think that make up should not only be around the eyes, but can be used in the whole face. I'm a total fan!


  1. I love this the whole black eye make-up and pale complexion. I pretty much wear black make-up EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! and I don't care if people say it means that I am insecure or that im "hiding myself." To me its like make-up=paint and face=canvas. Btw I love how you've shown we can be look pale but without having to wack out the white facepaint. Aha :)

  2. Exacly! I love to paint, but I don't have the time anymore. To paint my face is the next best thing. I love make up <3