Monday, March 1, 2010

Puh, just got back! I've been to swim school with my kids, then straight to a 4 hour class about starting a company. Tonight was a very interesting class, mainly about economi, and I love that!
Now I'm gonna eat some brie and finn crisp - fibre and fat!

Before bedtime I'm gonna reveal this weeks style.


  1. hey!:) I'm Marlen Cat on Facebook!I'm studying economy at the's full of mathematic!:D
    I'm looking for a good recipe for making Samla...I saw it on your blog!it seems very very taste!!!can you help me?

  2. good! You've already made a guest apperance at our blog for female entreprenaurs, you're most welcome back! BR /Älvida - Älvens ida

  3. Hi adora! You have so pretty skin! Is it just photoshop or foundation? Witch foundation do you use? I would love to know!