Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hanging with the cool kids

Today I got to hang with the cool kids!
They look so rebel in their new "leather" jackets (although Synthia wanted to wear her fur today).
I was very proud as i walked with them to buy their Saturday candy.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Adora BatBrat Crib - New floor

A new feature will be my living quaters.
How cosy is my couch, what chair is mine by the table, where did I fall and break my elbow, where do I hide the bodies etc.?

A while back I re-made the old dollhouse, and one of the rooms got to look like this:
I think all of us likes chequered floors, and I've always wanted it somewhere in my living quarters. 
But also I hate disturbing patterns so it can't be anywhere where I see it all day long.
Ta-daa! I have a mini, mini hallway right outside our bedroom door to the bathroom door with a butt ugly floor. And also there was a couple of blood stains needed to be covered up if the cops ever came knocking.
Bedroom to the left, walk in closet straight ahead, master bathroom to the right.
Ugly floor here seen with part of the draft paper over it.
So, I went to Bauhaus this summer and bought me a piece of their chequered plasic floor.
Of course I'm wearing the pants in my family...or the tulle skirt to be more exact.., well, you know what I mean, that I'm the handy-man but woman. 

Did a little draft paper to help with the cutting of the floor.
The view from the livingroom.
Kermit's green legs sticking out :)
The view from the bedroom.
A this is how lovely it turned out!
We almost have a full chess table so I'm just waiting until the day there will be two russian chess pro's sitting there playing a game.
I did according to what the man at the store told me; just cut it right and put double sided adhesive tape at the edges. I'm such a pro!
View from livingroom.
View from bedroom.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday's make up and coffee date

First picture is me on my way to meet cute Cajsa for a coffee/tea.
I loved to cuddle her pink fur!
My make up for the day was crosses with rhinestones.
The lens I'm wearing is called "Bulls Eye".
I'm bit impressed by myself!
As usual I used Kryolan Cake Eye Liner and Kryolan CEL sealer with a thin squirrel brush to paint on my face.
It was such a nice time to talk to Cajsa, and to look at her pretty face for a while <3
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Monday, September 24, 2012

My Music Monday's - Playlist 2012

As track number 3 I present Swedens proudest; Covenant!
The song is " We Stand Alone"
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on youtube
This band is a bit extra special since my husband is part of them getting their first record deal.
2002 at Tinitus festival, Stockholm
1992 I made a song to one of my husbands bands (Voister Litz) music.
The song "I Dedicate" ended up on a compilation album called "Autumn Leaves" and on that record was also Covenant performing their song "Replicant". Their first song under the name Covenant.
2004 at Kino, Karlskrona
My husband arranged the release party for the record and invited the bands from the compilation we liked the most.
I remember when he called singer Eskil of Covenant and invited them. Eskil was very surprised and said 
"-But Covenat never played live and we don't have any other material!"

One of my best friends was good friends with Esbjörn from record label Memento Materia (who was asked by Ace of Base to sign them and he thought their music was crap and one year later they were huge! but I agree with him *sorry*) and I told her to invite him. He showed up and was all excited by Covenant live - as the rest of us! and signed them asap!
So Karlskrona was their first gig under the name Covenant.
And then of course I had them as my main act at the Vince Festival I arranged :) I'm a fan!!!

Covenant Official web site

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Adora's Dream world: "Nude on a boat trip"

What's with all those dreams?!
And those darn evil dreamgirls!

Last night I dreamt there was some kind of alternative wedding going on in town and I went to this huge boat ride with lots of others. Ended up at some island looking bit like Pirates of the Caribbean where there was some kind of competition.
When I was on the boat trip back I was nude all of a sudden!

Arrived at the harbour and was about to walk the 30 meters up to our last house. I felt it was bit embarrassing to walk nude since I gained a few kilos over the summer.
In front of me walked another nude girl, also from the boat trip. I asked her if we could walk together to make it less embarrassing.
And she's like: -Don't think so! and walked away!!!

What the hell?! What's with everyone being a bitch to me in my dreams?
Wednesday it was my sister being a bitch in my dream ;(

Okay, so, when I reached our house there was another kind of stairs, like a climbing wall on the outside and very unstabile. For some reason I couldn't use my hands either.
I climbed the "stairs", nude, and tried to figure out how to open the door since I had to balance both feets and couldn't use my hands.
I whistled, tried to make noice and shouted. Finally my husband opened the door and said: -Why are you naked? And I said I have no idea since the clothes just disappeared during the boat trip and that it was a dream and things just happens like that in dreams. HAhaha!! :)

Then there was this jump to a new dream where my breasts had been blown up somehow.
They had been blown up so much there was now a uni-breast! 
Uni-boobs (symmastia)
And it felt like a soft dough and started to rip open. I tried to make it into 2 breasts pressing the side of my hand between them, but then they just moved up to my throat. It was like a baloon in there!
I woke up in shock! Phu, still two separate breasts...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baking: Homemade vanilla sauce

1,5 dl double cream
1,5 dl milk
2 table spoons sugar

3 egg yolks
1 tea spoon vanilla sugar
2 dl double cream

Give the milk and the cream a quick boil. Let cool off for a while (paint your nails Goth black or try out all your shoes meanwhile).

Mix the egg yolks with the sugar (I'll use the whites for tomorrow's lemon and marengue pie). Slowly pour it into the milk+cream as you stir.

Back to the heat.
Carefully heat up the mixture while stiring gently without boiling it. When it is quite thick - remove!
Since I assume your Goth I will put up a warning: Don't put your hand on the hot stove, just turn it off.
Let cool.

After half an hour time an hour when it's cool you'll pour in the vanilla powder.

Lightly whip the 2 dl of double cream and gently stir into the vanilla mixture.
Ta-daa! A perfect homemade vanilla sauce with not too much sugar, but still deadly good with an applepie (or a rhubarb pie as I'm making).

And to make it Goth use real vanilla sugar to get the black dots in it. Always try to incorporate Goth where you can!

Bread is in the oven

I just spent 2:07 hours on the phone with my best friend L. I'm always so happy to talk to her, she's so funny!

We talked a bit about how women can do so many things at the same time and remembered when our kids were babies and how we talked on the phone as we changed dipers, wiped bums, made dinner, breast feed our kids, unpacked the dishwasher and did our make up, all during the phone call.

And still I do like a thousand things during our conversations;
baked the dough to two lovely breads that's in the oven right now,

made the base for the home made vanilla sauce, did the mix for the homemade lemonade, did some make up, packed the dishwasher and had an apple :)

I'm Mega Woman!

I'm baking Goth bread ;)

I'm starting the day with baking some bread.
My lovely grandpa (and mum+ husband) are coming for dinner tonight so I thought I'd serve some fresh bread with the dinner.
Not Montignac though, but almost.
I'll share the recipe later when I present the wonderfully professional loafs *hopefully*

If I burn them I'll just present them as Goth loafs.

Perfect grandchild

My grandpa Harry is lovely, and as a child he and my grandmother Birgit were my best friends.

I remember them being a bit disappointed with me when I presented my new look at the age of 12.
For their generation it was synonymous with drug addicts and angry kids and they we're afraid I was going bad. They didn't treat me different though.
But I proved them wrong and they stopped to worry about my looks and realized I still was the same.
But I know they both liked my little un-maked face the way it was and missed to see that every once in a while.

My grandpa always said it was a phase... every year until I was 35 I think. Then he gave me a hug and a serious look as he told me he realized it probably isn't. How cute!

Last time I meet him he was even cuter.
It's so sweet how he spends time thinking about this!
He said that he thought about it a lot and came to the conclusion that I am this times "swing-pjatt" as he was. He was the Goth if the 30-40's he said.
He told me he was super extreme in his teen/twenties in that era according to what his elderly thought at the time.
The "swing-pjatt" had pants as wide so it hide the feet, preferably in Tweed pattern. I'll ask him more about this at dinner tonight.

Well, drifting from the subject a bit; because I wanna make him happy I will print out the picture above so he's got a picture of the Ann-Sophie that lives in a parallel universe. The Ann-Sophie I could have been if not my inner self had another view of beautiful.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monster High school photo

Synthia kidnapped my phone to take a school photo of her Monster High girls :)
They all look swell!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's make up - Gothic tears, new version

I used a brown shadow under my eyes, then I lightly sketched how the tears should be.
I painted the lower end of the tears with a ordinary liquid eyeliner and then used black eyeshadow from the eyeliner tears and up to create a soft gradiation towards the eye. I added some silver glitter on top.
(The rest of the make up is just ordinary Kryolan eyeliner with CEL sealer and some lashes.)