Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday goth style and make up

Whoa! You just can't belive what happened to me yesterday!
I stood in front of my mirror painting my face like there was no tomorrow as usual. As I was about to paint my left eye with my kohl pen my crazy, butt-ugly, blond twin Angelica, or Ange-Lick-A as the dimwit likes to call herself  *rolls my eyes* snuk up behind me.

You know what she did? She got a grip of my right arm, bended it up my back, and as I screamed in pain and leaned forward she janked the pen out of my hand and with some kind of street judo move she tossed me to the ground and jumped me. Shit, for a bimbo-Barbie she's so strong! I was like a dried corps in her grip. With a scream she just stabbed me straight through my left eye, right to my high functioning brain.
I just died!

After a while the stupid bitch removed the pen from my eye  and since the kohl pen was made of wood she would have been smart to have it kept in. But she's blonde, so what could any expect ;)

I saw her using the kohl to try to make herself look as pretty as I am, but of course she was a big failure to that, then she took lots of pictures of herself using MY phone! Then she went to MY computer and published them.

Slowly I woke up, checked the mirror to see what mess she did. I still looked okay.
I happened to be caught in front of the mirror a while because of the lovely view, but then I snapped out of it and had a lovely cheerleader massacre, hair-pulling, clawing and the usual amount of strangulation killing.
Sure, you are not supposed to kill your realtives, but that bitch had it coming.
Let's just hope she stays dead!

I cleaned up and today I will help clean your eyes with these lovely pic's of todays goth outfit and hair.
Back to the dark side, right?

Hehe he, what a nice killing!
That blood is from her! Sweet trophy.
I miss her (just a little bit)...