Friday, July 29, 2011 - Stockings

I got a comment about the shop I want to answer.
"MoonLight said...
It is a shame that you are selling Chinese stockings for $19 which can be bought on eBay for a maximum of $5 including shipping. These exact same stockings, I have them. Such a shame. Even brands like leg avenue don't overprice stuff like this and it's cheep Chinese stuff. And no, I'm not jealous, I've waited for this shop and am disappointed, I shop a lot on the internet and know these facts. "

Thank you for your question.
I have a very small company and is just starting out, due to this I can't buy at stock prices or hold a big stock at my home, and the ones selling it that cheap is often the China company (producer) itself and they have a deal with China Post or DHL to be able to have free freight - I have not.

And remember, I live in Sweden and have to pay 25% tax on EVERYTHING I order plus $54 on every package to customs. For me, the price in total is way beyond $5 (unfortunately) per item.
I'm always on the lookout for cheaper wholesalers though since I want people being able to afford what I'm offering.
The prices I have on my pantyhoses is still lower then the other swedish alternative webshops.
Above all this I want to have a salary since I'm working hard on making a webshop where the make up, stockings and my own designed garment are to be sold in just one convenient place.
I am very sorry, but I can never match $ prices when living in Sweden. That's just a fact.

BatBrat webshop having a pre-release party

After some difficulties the webshop is now up and running! Happy, happy!!!!
So far just a few items, but hopefully not too long until I can bring more stuff here.
My own designs is delayed since a few more laces must be produced in China for me.
I have tried to have all the make up I use myself on my site, but IsaDora, who makes the powder I use every day will not sell to me. With them you need to carry their full stuff, and not some handpicked items. That's a shame.
But I do have the Kryolan make up's I use, so I'm not so far behind.
I hope you like it.